Some of our endpoints return both the status of the transaction and signer activities. A list of all the statuses as well as a list of all the activities can be found below.

Transaction Statuses

5 Waiting for document
10 Waiting for signer
20 In progress
30 Signed
40 Rejected
50 Expired
60 Cancelled
70 Failed

Status 20 will be returned whenever there is processing involved on our end.

Signer Activities

When a signer performs a certain activity such as viewing a document or completing the sign flow we notify these updates through signer activities. These activities do not represent the status of a transaction but only the steps that were taken for / by a signer. For the transaction status you must use the transaction status.

101 Invitation sent
102 Received
103 Opened
104 Reminder sent
105 Document opened
201 Cancelled
202 Rejected
203 Signed
301 Signed document sent
302 Signed document opened
303 Signed document downloaded
401 Receipt sent
402 Receipt opened
403 Receipt downloaded
500 Finished
600 Deleted
700 Expired
999 Failed